Pneumatic valves (COPM)

In this type of valves, the perfect closing is ensured by the adjustable pressure of the spring. For the operation and adjustment of the flow, in the cylinder is required a pneumatic backpressure (or, if you prefer, a hydraulic backpressure). In any case, if the backpressure is not available, the valve can be open by the manual control.

Main features (type COPM)

DN [mm] P max [bar] Weight [kg]
25 4 4
50 4 11
80 3 18
100 3 27
Typology* Pinch valve; Normally closed; Pneumatic (or hydraulic) control
Casing Double-shell; Aluminium
Screw Stainless steel AISI 304
Sleeve Viton Hypalon; EPDM PA/40
T. Max 180°C 120°C 80°C
Connections Flange PN16 (UNI-EN 1092-1)


* The valve works even with the vacuum thanks to the obliged opening.

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