Rubber-coated pumps (BETMS)

BETMS is our model BTMS (baseplate with mechanical seal) but with rubber-lined material in contact with the process liquid. It is particularly suitable for concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl) and concentrated hydrofluoric acid (HF).

For a first choice, you can use the table below and the characteristic curves N°00-LP-2P50Hz or N°00-HP-2P50Hz.

The power range derives from tests with water on a pump with a 2-pole motor (frequency: 50Hz): of course for heavier liquids you can apply the same data for flow (Q) and head (H) , but you will need a motor with a higher power.

Main features (type BETMS)

 Model Power [kW]Q max [m3/h]H max [mt.l.c.]
40/42-E 2.2÷4 34 30
50/60-E 7.5÷15 70 40
65/75-E 18.5÷45 190 84
Parts in contact with the medium Rubber-coated cast iron
Seal type Double
Seal materials SiC - SiC (Silicon carbide)
Seal brand John Crane

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