Baseplate pumps (BTMS)

This is our baseplate model (with support and coupling) designed with mechanical seal. It is suitable for any type of liquid (not only highly corrosive, but also dirty and with abrasive substances in suspension).

For a first choice, you can use the table below and the characteristic curves N°00-LP-2P50Hz or N°00-HP-2P50Hz.

The power range derives from tests with water on a pump with a 2-pole motor (frequency: 50Hz): of course for heavier liquids you can apply the same data for flow (Q) and head (H) , but you will need a motor with a higher power.

Main features (type BTMS)

 Model Power [kW]Q max [m3/h]H max [mt.l.c.]
40/150 2.2÷4 34 30
50/160 4÷7.5 56 36
40/200 5,5÷11 50 57
50/200 11÷18.5 80 65
60/230 18.5÷45 170 82
Parts in contact with the medium AISI 316L; Uranus B6 (AISI 904L); Titanium Gr.2
Seal type External; double; internal
Seal materials Ceramic - PTFE charged with glass fibre; SiC - SiC (silicon carbide)
Seal brand Aesseal; Fluiten; John Crane

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